Sunday, October 14, 2012

Please help us honor these valiant missionaries

This project is dedicated to Elders Walker and Strong who were killed last November while serving in the Texas McAllen Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Elder Harris was injured in the accident but remained serving faithfully on his mission.

It has been one year since the tragic bicycle accident that took the lives of two McAllen missionaries, Elder Strong and Elder Walker. In their memory, the McAllen Missionary Moms are donating a Christmas Tree to The Festival of Trees. If you are unfamiliar with this cherished event, read more at their website. If you are familiar, you know it is the largest yearly fundraiser for Salt Lake's renowned Primary Children's Hospital. It is an honor to be part of such an inspirational event.

Our tree has been given a corner location, so thousands of onlookers will view our dedication to the Missionaries who gave all for their service. The tree will be decorated in a Missionary theme (ETERNAL TIES) and a tree skirt made from neckties actually worn and donated by current McAllen Missionaries. We have made ornaments celebrating missionary life, and have commissioned a portrait of both Elders to sit at the tree's base. What an honor it will be for the Strong and Walker family to view the tree, feel of the love from the crowds viewing it, and knowing that the purchase price of the tree will make a generous donation to Primary Children's.

On behalf of the McAllen moms, we would love to have your help with this project. Although many of the decorations are being created and/or donated, there are certain fixed costs we can't avoid. The Festival of Trees has very specific requirements for the tree that we will purchase and the tree stand must be purchased directly from the Festival. Any monetary contributions beyond what is needed for the project will be donated to Primary Children's Hospital through the Festival of Trees.

We realize that times are tight for everyone, but if each person contributes what we can, our goal can be accomplished. Please donate now. Thank you!

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